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If you have a patient who may be eligible for plant-based therapies, we encourage you to refer them to us or to learn more about prescribing medicinal cannabis yourself through a medical education session with Dr Cai.



Rest assured that, if you refer your patient to TeleGreen Medical, we will communicate with you about our assessment and prescribed treatment. We’re strong believers in team-based healthcare and know that many patients with chronic pain need ongoing support from their GP and specialists as well as from us.

Becoming a prescriber

The TGA oversees the prescribing of medicinal cannabis. Which pathway is right for you depends on your level of interest in this field and the number of patients you hope to support.

Special Access Scheme

You apply to the TGA on behalf of each patient, wait for their approval, then provide the prescription.

Authorised Prescriber

Authorised Prescriber

You complete the necessary training to become an Authorised Prescriber, meaning you can write a script for medicinal cannabis in much the same way as you would write a script for antibiotics, except that you report to the TGA every 6 months. *

* This pathway requires approval from a Human Research Ethics Committee or endorsement from a specialist college before applying to the TGA.

For more information, visit TGA website

The Australian and New Zealand College of Cannabinoid Practitioners offers a self-paced, online training course that equips you to become an Authorised Prescriber. Learn more

Getting started as a prescriber

Perhaps the best way to get started is to talk to a fellow doctor who is already experienced in the indications and regulations for the use of medicinal cannabis.

Dr Danny Cai

Dr Danny Cai has treated over 1000 patients using plant-based therapies and has played a key role in educating the medical community about the potential benefits, risks and rules governing this emerging and exciting field of medicine.

As a GP trained in the practice of evidence-based medicine, he takes a cautious and balanced approach to prescribing medicinal cannabis. It does not help every patient. But it certainly does seem to offer relief to some who have been frustrated by the failure of conventional therapies.

Like to talk through the different options for supporting your patients with plant-based therapies?

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